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   Fan Mail



Read some of the nice letters and emails we receive from our fans and viewers.


BassCenter feedback
 comment = Please just let Roland Martin know how some of us fishing
 persons really  feel about his talents.
 I would like the opportunity to leave a personal message for Roland
 Martin which I could only think of one way to do this and that was
 through you.
 In 1998 I was fortunate to fish the FLW tournament series. I was never
 lucky enough to get paired with some of the big names like Roland, Jimmy
 Houston, Ricky Clunn and so on (however I did get David Walker in one of
 his first years, whom I have a lot of respect for) but I did get to meet
 and talk with all the professionals that would allow you to talk to
 them. Roland Martin was one of the very few who would not only talk to
 you but offer advice even if you were fishing with someone else. He and
 Jimmy Houston, by their actions and personalities, not just by their
 fishing talents, are two of my favorite fishing ICONS. Roland was never
 to busy to say hi, how are you, are you having any luck and (the thing
 he said that really impressed me) have you tried doing this? On the
 water or off Roland was the same, on TV or off he was the same. I met
 many many Professionals that year but Roland, because of his demeanor,
 attitude, personality and humor is, in my opinion, ONE of the few true
  Today, I can not watch his TV show without being proud of the fact that
  I actually met Roland Martin and after the 2nd or 3rd tournament he
 actually knew me or at least acted like he did. So Roland, on behalf of
 all amateur fisherman you have helped or even just acknowledged as
 "another" fisherman, thank you. Thank you for treating all of us as men
 or ladies regardless of our fishing status. You have surely earn the
 right to be a ICON and the pro of pros, not just another fisherman.
 Thanks again for all you have done and accomplished.
 Lonnie Lagle



I wanted to write you and say thank you for all you have done for bass fishing and to say” have a lot of fun with retirement”.  You probably don’t remember me but I was a big fan of yours from the beginning.  I remember meeting you and talking to you at Okiebug in Tulsa.  I was a senior in high school when I met you and Don Butler and on multiple occasions talked with you and Don at Okiebug.  You were just getting started in BASS and I certainly remember how you set the sport on fire and Tulsa was very proud of you.  You set the standard many years ago and no one will ever touch your AOY titles.  Thanks again for getting me excited about bass fishing as a young man and to this day I fish tourneys because of you. Have fun in retirement and I will continue to watch your show each week.


Dr. Mark Neer



Hi Roland-
         Since you are finished with BASS tournaments, I wanted to say congratulations on a wonderful career!!  I have been watching you on TV since I was a kid and you were and still are my hero!  To me, you won the greatest angler debate and everyone knows you really are the Great American Fisherman.  I am looking forward to still watching your awesome TV show and I still cant get enough of the show you did with President Bush, that was awesome!!  Have a great day and try to keep Walt in line!!
Chris Yogerst


Mr. Roland:
 I Hope you remember me. My daughter and I took a photo with you at the New Orleans Classic a few years ago. You were kind enough to autograph them and mail them back to us. One still hangs in my daughter's room and the other is in my office at work. By the way, we still owe you some down home cajun cooking. You will have to come to Texas to get it though, we are relocating there due to Hurricane Katrina! I just heard on :Bass Center: that you had announced your retirement. I'm sad to hear this, but I understand. I wish you God's blessings in your future endeavors. 
Be Blessed;



Hey Roland,
                I got to shake your hand in Pittsburgh this summer at the Classic. It was a honor to meet you. I am almost 40 years old and have watched your shows and read about you since I was a young boy. You are bass fishing to me. Hope you enjoy retirement but I think if you ever wanted to return to the tournaments, you would be the man to beat. If ever in north central WV fish Stonewall Jackson Lake. Great catch and release lake.
                                                        Thanks for sharing your fishing knowledge,
                                                        Brian Palmer


Dear Roland,

I was saddened to hear of your recent retirement from bass fishing tournaments. You should be very proud of your accomplishments and the millions you have influenced through your show and your records.

Albeit, Rick Clunn is a great angler, you sir were the best. I voted for you about 14 times.

To be able to follow your passion for so long must be very fulfilling to you. We, your fans, will miss you. I always wanted to see Roland win just one more.

Although you may think that you can no longer compete with the likes of IKE, there is no competition when class enters into it. You have always portrayed yourself with class and dignity, something that will not be replaced with the newcomers that are your replacements.

Thank you for being you.

Good luck in the future and may God be with you.



Frank M. Madden




He IS the great American fisherman!!! You get our votes hands down. You know the thing I will always remember about Roland is not his great TV personality, nor his willingness to lend a hand when needed, but the true excitement he emulates upon catching fish. It doesn't matter if the fish was 12 lbs. or 12 oz. he shows the world that fishing is fun. If everyone of us had that true feeling of excitement, you wouldn't hear all the grumbling about the sport. My best to all. 

Warmest Regards,

John Curry




Subject: Thanks Roland!

Hopefully this can get passed along to Roland sometime.

Hadn't done any fishing since I was a kid growing up in Michigan.  Then a
year ago an employee of my company turned me on to Bass fishing.  As I live
on the central coast of California with some good, year around Bass fishing
lakes nearby (Castaic, Casitas, Cachuma, Lopez, Naciemento) I decided to
get a bit serious about it, bought a boat, equipment, etc. and try to get
out at least once a week if the weather is decent.  But all I have been
catch were small fish.

Recorded your show on Senko fishing (Summertime Bass?) and watched it 3
times over the last 45 days.  Spent Saturday morning trying to fish exactly
as you showed, and low and behold, I caught a four and a half pound large
mouth on a day when no one was catching anything.  More important was that
it wasn't luck.  I had learned from you , knew what I was doing and
why.  The only thing I did different was to use a 6" Pearl Yamamoto Series
9 instead of the Watermelon you prefer.  White and Chartreuse seem to work
best on the lakes around here.

I enjoy your show, bought your book and some other stuff that you
recommend.  Above all I respect your experience, ability and success. Your
4th place at last years Classic amazed me considering how far you had to go
to get to the fish.  Keeping up with and out fishing guys half your age,

  I am learning form you how to successfully fish for big bass.

Thanks, Roland!  You are The Great American Fisherman!!

John ------



Mr. Martin,

I have enjoyed your show for many years and have
always found it to be both informative and
entertaining.  However I have a request to make of
you.  When using any of the new fish lip gripping
devices please make use of the strap.  Too many people
watching your show use you as an example and do not
use the strap either.  This leads to both lost
equipment and dead fish.  The latest Fisherman
Magazine has an example of this happening to a striped

Thank you for all of the enjoyable shows and I look
forward to many more.

Mike ------



Dear Roland,

Thanks for your information concerning Lake Gaston and Kerr Reservoir, it came just in time as we are going down there to look at real-estate tomorrow, what timing, thanks a bunch!
Good luck and good health to you Roland and thanks again.


Don -----




I just wanted to write a short note to thank you and Roland for everything that you did for us during your stay in Jasper.  You went far and beyond to include us in all of the activities and events. Thank you for making life long memories for Jesse!
I have one question, I would like to get Morris a rain suit like Roland had on during the monsoon on Thursday for Valentines Day. Can you tell me what it was?
Thanks again and best wishes to you both in the future,


Dear Roland,
    Thanks for the insight on the fishing you really don't know how much it means to me to get info back on what I needed to know.......I need to know though about lake talquin, cuz we have decided to go there instead of AL...... I really would love it if you could meet us there....but I know how busy your schedule is, but if you could find the time it would be a dream come true.....God Bless you, and we love you.
                                                                           Your biggest fan,
                                                                            JOEY -----



My name is Kenny ------- and I fish Sam Rayburn and the Gulf Coast.  I am looking for a new boat and would like a boat I can fish both Big Sam and the Gulf Coast.  I know there are several boats out there but I have not fished any of them.  What would you buy if you were going to have one boat to do both?
I really enjoy your show.  You are one of the few fishermen that is also good at teaching and entertaining with your shows.  Keep up the great work.  I heard you have been doing some fishing with a guy I met thorough a local guide and the only person I have ever heard of to survive after being shot between the eyes with a 45.  I really enjoyed fishing with him and I am sure he enjoys fishing with you.
Thanks for your time,
Kenny -------
Beaumont, TX



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